1. Login to the contestant account

- Hover the mouse over the COMPETITION REGISTRATION tab will provide a list of the Competition Categories.
- Select the SHOWCASE PIANO SOLO. You will see the screen presenting the SHOWCASE PIANO SOLO events. Click More Info> to open up the page of the particular event.

3. Click on the Image above the level that you want to register, make sure that you review the information thoroughly to ensure it is the correct level according to Age restriction.

In the Music Selection boxes, Enter the detail description of the two pieces in the following format:
Composer First name Last name: Music title, mvt #, tempo marking, Op. #, Key
[For example: Joseph Haydn: Andante (2nd mvt) from Sonata Hob.XVI:3 in C Major].
Enter the accurate time for each of the two pieces, such as 2:53 for 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

Click USOMC Upload to upload the music pages and contestant proof of age. Once clicking on the USOMC Upload link, it will bring you to another site of USOMC operation to upload the information. You are required to upload the first 3 pages of each piece (if the piece is longer than 3 pages); and proof of the contestant's age (e.g. birth certificate, official document or school ID that showing the contestant's DOB, etc.).

USOMC does not store the uploaded information regarding the age. Once the contestant's age is confirmed, the information will be removed. Note that returning contestants do not need to upload the proof of age if they have already provided the proof to USOMC from previous year.

REMEMBER: your registration process will be delayed if the required information are not uploaded to USOMC Upload site during registration.
Once you are done with uploading information, hover back to the Registration site and Select Add to Cart.

If you miss the Upload step during Registration, you can simply go back to the site, find the QUICK LINKS at the bottom of the page and select Upload Files to USOMC.

Only contestants in the Showcase Piano Solo event are required to upload the music and proof of age. If you are also enter in other events with pre-selected music pieces such as Open Solo and Treasury events, you are not required to provide the music for the pre-selected pieces.

4. APPLICATION FEE can be included during this process, if you have not completed the Application Fee payment.
- Select one of the Application fee option on the bottom of the page, as appropriate. Most contestant will pay the regular Application fee of $60.
- Make sure contestant name is entered in the Application fee.
- Application fee is required only ONCE.

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration process will be delayed if the Application Fee is not completed during registration.

5. If more event to be registered, hover the mouse over the COMPETITION REGISTRATION Tab to select another category and repeat step 2.

6. Select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT when done.

7. Fill out the required BILLING INFORMATION. The name for BILLING INFORMATION is the name of the credit card holder (parent/teacher's name). The SHIPPING INFORMATION should have the name of the Contestant (child/student's name). Select PLACE ORDER to complete the registration process.

8. A confirmation email will be sent immediately to the email address of the contestant account when the registration has successfully completed.