Category 1: Open Solo - No Age Limit

There are four categories each, of five levels - a total of 20 Events, with contestants performing the same music in each event .

All pieces are pre-selected. Contestants may enter any and all levels as they choose.
For this category, the stated music editions will be used as the "official music" for all judges throughout the competitions. If a contestant is using a different edition, they must check carefully to make sure the music is not critically different from the official edition.
All contestants must perform music designated for their events. Any contestant playing a wrong piece, they will be disqualified to win a prize in that event.
For this category, music must be performed from memory
. NO REPEATS are allowed, unless instructed clearly.

For Levels 3A to 5A (Baroque): Guidelines will be given to judges concerning “commonly known” baroque performance practices which include ornaments, phrasings, dynamics, and articulations, not marked as such, but used by Bach, Scarlatti, Handel, and other Baroque composers and musicians as appropriate styles for the period.

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No Age Limit

Alexander Reinagle : Scherzino
pages 7; 16 bars total (in C Major)
Book: Joy of First Classics Book 2, Selected and edited by Denis Agay, Yorktown Music Press — ISBN 978-0-8256-8077-9

Entry Fees: $40.00