Category 13: Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble - Own Choice of Music

Two Pianos: four to twelve Hands
There are FOUR levels of different age groups in this Category
– with two to six performers
This category DOES NOT REQUIRE MEMORIZATION although contestants are strongly encouraged to play from memory if at all possible, especially at the Prize Winners’ Concerts.
Contestants will choose their own music: Original compositions and all creative arrangements are acceptable.
Any combination of pieces by one composer will be accepted for this event, with the exception of music from the Open Duet events of 2022, which cannot be used here (even in a different format/arrangement).
Whether entering with partner(s) of the same age group or with older partner(s) at a higher age group, the rules are: each contestant can enter more than one level but only once at each level with partner(s) from the proper age group and with different music for each entry. The oldest partner determines the age group.
Note: Only one of the contestants will need to register for the event. The other contestants will be added by USOMC. Every contestant must complete the application fee payment. All contestants' login email address must be entered when register. Make sure that the Login Email address reflect the contestant's name and NOT the parent's name nor teacher's name.

The contestants must time their pieces accurately and mark them clearly on the Entry form. (see Note below)
Contestants must upload the first 3 pages of each piece (each movement)at the time of their on-line application (unless the pieces are shorter than 3 pages long.
Contestants must bring a copy of their music (no illegal photocopies) for the judges during the competition. Without proper music, the contestants will be disqualified.


The USOMC committee has agreed to allow the contestants of Showcase Piano Duo to play music beyond the indicated time limit allowed for the actual Competitions. To achieve the best results (A) the time for each piece must be accurately recorded by each contestant on his/her entry form, which will enable the USOMC staffs to correctly estimate the length of the event – to give the judges enough time to hear the music; and (B) if there is not enough time, the judges may want to cut some pieces short as they see fit, which will not reflect negatively on the contestants