Category 22: Showcase Sonatas

There are Two Different Age Groups in this Category.

The Showcase Sonatas include two (2) performers (any combination of instruments), with or without a piano part. Both contestants will be judged.

Contestants may choose one or more movements (within the time limit) by one composer from any standard repertoire from the Classical musical period to the present. Sonatas from the Baroque period cannot be used in this category

Memorization is not required.

Time the pieces accurately and mark them clearly in the registration. Please review the Competition Rule #5 under the COMPETITION RULE tab carefully!

Contestants must upload the first three (3) pages of each piece (for each instrument) at the time of your online application.

The judges may not hear the pieces in their entirety. This does not reflect negatively on the contestants.

Note: It is the contestant's responsibility to show up at the competition site on time.
Contestants must bring a copy of their music (no illegal photocopies) for the judges during the competition. Without proper music, the contestants will be disqualified.

Only one of the contestants will need to register and pay for the event. The other contestant will be added by USOMC. However, every contestant must complete the application fee payment. All other contestants' login email addresses and their instruments must be entered when register. Make sure that the Login Email address reflect the contestant's name and NOT the parent's name nor the teacher's name.

USOMC may choose to combine this category with Category 21 - Instrumental Ensemble if there are not enough participants.