Category 15: Showcase Piano Concerto – One Movement
This event is for the exceptionally gifted

· There are FOUR different AGE GROUPS in this Category. The contestant may choose any one movement from a standard concerto.

· To promote broader repertory knowledge, contestants who have won medal(s) in the past years are not allowed to enter the same concerto movement(s) they have won before, unless as part of the Complete Concerto Event in Category 16 .

· Performance must be from memory .

· Accompanist: USOMC will assign an Official Accompanists for this event as well as for the Prizewinners’ Concerts. The accompanist will not be judged. Piano teachers are not allowed to accompany their own students .

The entry event fee covers the Accompanist fee which include one rehearsal (not to exceed one hour) plus accompaniment at the competition. For the Prizewinners' Concerts (first place winners only) a fee is required for performance with an Official Accompanist.

· Contestants must upload the first 3 pages of their concerto at the time of their online application.
Contestants must time their concerto movement accurately and mark it clearly on the Entry form

Note: The USOMC committee has agreed to allow the contestants of Piano Concerto to play music beyond the indicated time limit allowed for the actual Competitions. To achieve the best results (A) the time for each piece must be accurately recorded by each contestant on their entry form, which will enable the USOMC staffs to correctly estimate the length of the event – to give the judges enough time to hear the music; and (B) if there is not enough time, the judges may want to cut some pieces short as they see fit, which will not reflect negatively on the contestants.

· The judges may not hear the concerto movements in their entirety. This does not reflect negatively on the contestants .

· Please Note: It is the contestants’ responsibility to show up at the competition site on time .

· Contestants must bring a copy of their music (no illegal photocopies) for the judges during the competition. Without proper music, the contestant will be disqualified.

The 1st Place Winner should be prepared to shorten their concerto movement at the Prizewinners’ Concert. The Official Accompanist will be available to accompany the first-place winners during the Prizewinners’ Concerts at an additional fee.