We hope everyone is doing well and keeping up with your musical pursuit!
At USOMC, we are working incredibly hard to prepare for our annual music competition in February 2021.

USOMC regrets that it is unable to offer as many categories and events as it has been in the past. This is, of course, due to the current pandemic situation. We feel that it is critical for the musical education of the contestants that we will try to offer some events to keep the competition spirit going. Unfortunately, we can not keep up with our previous offerings. Since nothing is sure at this time, we can only try for the most essential piano events. Therefore, we are unable to include any instrumental events besides numerous piano events as well. If things are back to normal, we will continue our tradition again next year.
The syllabus for the competition is available for download on our website at www.usomc.org. As we intend to hold our 29th USOMC “live” (if at all possible) in the week of February 15th – 20th, 2021, we are in an unprecedented time, and, thus, the format for the competition could be altered to comply with California’s guidelines and regulations, especially those of Alameda County in particular. If we cannot hold the 2021 US Open Music Competition as usual, we will proceed with other options, such as operating the competition virtually or holding it at a later time in the year.

USOMC reserves the right to cancel or reduce the number of competition events if it is necessary to comply with any restrictions, e.g. limited participants per event to align with the regulations for the purposes of health and safety. If there is a possibility of restriction of entries from any event, USOMC will give preference to the early entries first.

Given these current conditions, USOMC will go forward with the registration process for the 2021 USOMC from October 15th through October 31st, 2020. This year’s registration process is essentially the same as in the past, except the registration payment will not be collected for the registration at present. When concrete information from the facility where the competition will be held is settled, most likely in January 2021, USOMC will reach out to everyone for the registration payments. The participants will have 5 days from the day of payment-notification of USOMC to settle the registration costs – in order to guarantee a spot in the 2021 competition. Individuals will be dropped from the competition if their required registration fees are not met on the due date.

As you know, the USOMC is risking every resource it has to plan for the competition which may or may not take place in February 2021. And the participants are also taking a chance on the probable loss of time and energies spent in learning and perfecting their competition pieces (which may/may not be used again in the near future).

Your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times are sincerely appreciated!

Best Regards,
USOMC Board of Directors