Category 14: Showcase Piano Solo: This event is for exceptionally gifted

There are Six Different Age Groups in this Category.

Contestants must select two (or two sets of) original and contrasting pieces from different musical periods.
ANY STANDARD REPERTOIRE will be acceptable, such as one or more movement(s) from a Sonata, a suite or a set of Theme & Variations. No simplified music allowed. Contestants must be prepared to play their music entirely (no personal ‘cuts’ are allowed during the competitions. The judges may stop a performance before it ends or begin a piece from a certain section, neither of which will reflect negatively upon the contestants.

Note: all pre-selected music used for 2022: including Open Solo (20 events), and Treasury Categories (29 events) cannot be used as a piece for the Showcase Solo Events of 2022.

Contestants who have won First place in the past year are NOT allowed to enter the same repertoires they have won before.

Performance must be from memory.
The contestants must time their pieces accurately and fill them out clearly at registration.

Note: The USOMC committee has agreed to allow the contestants of Showcase Piano Solo to play music beyond the indicated time limit allowed for the actual Competitions. To achieve the best results (A) the time for each piece must be accurately recorded by each contestant on his/her entry form, which will enable the USOMC staffs to correctly estimate the length of the event – to give the judges enough time to hear the music; and (B) if there is not enough time, the judges may have to cut the pieces short, which will not reflect negatively on the contestants.

Contestants must upload the first 3 pages of each piece (each movement) at the time of their on-line application (unless the pieces are shorter than 3 pages long).

Contestants must bring a copy of their music for the judges at the competition. Without proper music, the contestant will be disqualified.

After each Competition, the 1st Place Winners should immediately notify USOMC which piece they will perform at the Prizewinners' Concert (only one piece/set of pieces is allowed). Please check carefully for the maximum time allowed for the Prizewinners' Concerts (cuts may be necessary, as determined by the 1st Place Winners).

Ages 7 and Under
Maximum time for the Competition: 4 minutes

Ages 8 - 9
Maximum time for the Competition: 5 minutes

Ages 10 - 12
Maximum time for the Competition: 7 minutes

Ages 13 - 15
Maximum time for the Competition: 9 minutes

Ages 16 - 18
Maximum time for the Competition: 12 minutes

Ages 19 & Above
Maximum time for the Competition: 12 minutes