Category 6: The Treasury of Russian Composers - No Age Limit

There are five levels in this category
Contestants may choose to enter one or more levels, but only once in each level.

For this category, music must be performed from memory
. NO REPEAT is allowed, unless instructed clearly.

6 Pre-selected Kabalevsky Op.39 - No Repeat
Book: Dmitri Kabalevsky - 24 Pieces for Children Op.39, G. Schirmer, HL50330040, ISBN 978-0-7935-3582-8

1. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Op.39 #1 & #2 Melody and Polka in C Major [P.2, 16 bars]
2. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Op.39 #3 & #4 Rambling in D Minor and Cradle Song in E Minor [P.2, 16 bars
3. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Op.39 #6 A Little Joke in C Major [P.3, 16 bars]
4. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Op.39 #13 Waltz in D Minor [P.7, 32 bars]
5. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Op.39 #14 A Fable in A Major [P.8, 12 bars]
6. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Op.39 #15 Jumping in C Major [P.8-9, 24 bars]

6 Pre-selected Auerbach pieces - No Repeat
Book: Lera Auerbach - Images from Childhood, Sikorski, 2405, HL 50486978, ISMN 979-0-003-03695-3

1. Lera Auerbach: Question [P.3, 12 bars]
2. Lera Auerbach: Dialogue [P.6, 14 bars]
3. Lera Auerbach: Quarrel [P.7, 12 bars]
4. Lera Auerbach: Family Holiday [P.12, 12 bars]
5. Lera Auerbach: Stubborn [P.13, 20 bars]
6. Lera Auerbach: Prayer [P.16, 20 bars]

6 Pre-selected pieces - No Repeat
Book A: Lera Auerbach - Images from Childhood, Sikorski, 2405, HL 50486978, ISMN 979-0-003-03695-3
Book B: Rodion Shchedrin - Notebook for Young People, Sikorski, ED. NR. 2340, HL 50489228, ISMN 979-0-003-01863-8

1. Lera Auerbach: What a Story! [P.4-5, Bk. A]
2. Lera Auerbach: An Old Photograph from the Grandparents' Childhood [P.8-9, Bk. A]
3. Lera Auerbach: E-Creatures and Shadows on the Wall [P.14-15, Bk. A]
4. Rodion Shchedrin: Thirds [P.12-13, Bk. B]
5. Rodion Shchedrin: Fanfares and Conversations [P.17-18, Bk. B, No Repeat]
6. Rodion Shchedrin: Russian Bell Chimes [P.19-22, Bk. B]

6 Pre-selected pieces - No Repeat
Book: Islamey and other Favorite Russian Piano Works, Joseph Banowetz, Dover, ISBN 0-486-41160-5

1. Anton Arensky: Nocturne in Db Major [P.2-5]
2. Anton Arensky: Elegy in G Minor [P.6-9]
3. Felix Blumenfeld: Prelude in Bb Major [P.37-39]
4. Alexander Glazounov: Improptu in Db Major [P.62-65]
5. Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov: Romance and Scherzino in Ab Major [P.134-138]
6. Peter I. Tchaikovsky: Chant sans paroles (Song without Words) [P.181-183]

6 Pre-selected Prokofiev pieces - No Repeat
Book A: Sergei Prokofiev - Sarcasms, Visions Fugitives and Other Short Works for Piano, Dover ISBN 0-486-41091-9
Book B: Sergei Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet, 10 Pieces for Piano Op.75, Sikorski, ED. NR. 2121, HL 50160590, ISMN M-003-01698-6 (different edition is acceptable)

1. Sergei Prokofiev: Etude Op.2 #4 [P.23-27, Bk. A]
2. Sergei Prokofiev: Sarcasms Op.17 #1 [P.99-103, Bk. A]
3. Sergei Prokofiev: Visions Fugitives Op.22 #20 & Op.22 #15 [P.148-149 & 140-141, Bk. A]
4. Sergei Prokofiev: No. 3 Minuet from Romeo and Juliet Op.75 [P.14-17, Bk. B]
5. Sergei Prokofiev: No. 6 The Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet Op.75 [P.28-32, Bk. B]
6. Sergei Prokofiev: No. 8 Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet Op.75 [P.35-39, Bk. B]

Piece: Louise McAllister: Gadabout Grasshopper
Book: Guild Repertoire Elementary C & D, Alfred AP.0640, ISBN 0-8748-7640-0, page 6-7, 28 bars