Category 2: The Treasury of Baroque Composers - No Age Limit

There are five levels in this category
Contestants may choose to enter one or more levels, but only once in each level.
For this category, the stated music editions will be used as the "official music" for all judges throughout the competitions. If a contestant is using a different edition, he/she must check carefully to make sure the music is not critically different from the official edition.

For this category, music must be performed from memory
. NO REPEATS are allowed, unless instructed clearly.

For all Baroque music: The judges will be instructed to accept all “commonly known” baroque performance practices which include ornaments, phrasings, dynamics, and articulations, not marked as such, but used by Bach, Scarlatti, Handel, and other Baroque composers and artists as appropriate styles for the period.

6 Pre-selected pieces - No Repeats
Book 1: The Joy of Bach, Yorktown Music 080011, HL.14001225
Book 2: Beginning Piano Solos, Carl Fischer CF.ATF101
Book 3: Discovering Piano Literature, Book 1, Alfred AP.14574
Book 4: Discovering Piano Literature, Book 2, Alfred AP.14575

1. Bach, WF: Air in A Minor [Book 1, P.4: 16 bars, no repeat]
2. Bach, WF: Duettino Minuet from Sonata in F Major [Book 1, P.11: 16 bars, no repeat]
3. Lully: Minuet in D Minor [Book 2, P.5: 17 bars, no repeat]
4. Telemann: Passepied in G Minor [Book 2, P.12: 16 bars]
5. Praetorius: Entrada [Book 3, P.7: 16 bars]
6. Corelli: Sarabande in D Minor [Book 4, P.6: 16 bars, no repeat]

6 Pre-selected pieces from SCARLATTI Sonata - No Repeats
Book: SCARLATTI: An Introduction to His Keyboard Works, Alfred AP.666

1. Scarlatti: Sonata K.73b in C Major, L.217 [P.16-17: 28 bars, no repeat]
2. Scarlatti: Sonata K.431 in G Major, L.83 [P.24-25: 16 bars, no repeat]
3. Scarlatti: Sonata K.88c in G Minor, L.36 [P.26-27: 46 bars, no repeat]
4. Scarlatti: Sonata K.89b in D Minor, L.211 [P.30-31: 18 bars]
5. Scarlatti: Sonata K.83b in A Major, L.31 [P.36-37: 36 bars, no repeat]
6. Scarlatti: Sonata K.80 in G Major [P.40-41: 40 bars without Da Capo]

6 Pre-selected from BACH Little Preludes - No Repeats
Book: BACH: Little Preludes and Fughettas, G. Henle #HN106, HL.51480106

1. Bach: Little Preludes BWV 930 in G Minor [P.10-11: 42 bars: ignore the first ornament by the first beat at bar 11, no repeat]
2. Bach: Little Preludes BWV 928 in F Major [P.12-13: 24 bars]
3. Bach: Little Preludes BWV 933 in C Major [P.16-17: 16 bars, no repeat]
4. Bach: Little Preludes BWV 936 in D Major [P.20-21: 48 bars, no repeat]
5. Bach: Little Preludes BWV 937 in E Major [P.22-23: 20 bars]
6. Bach: Little Preludes BWV 942 in A Minor [P.29: 17 bars]

6 Pre-selected from BACH English Suites - No Repeats
Book: BACH: Bach English Suites BWV 806-811, G. Henle #HN100, HL.51480100

1. Bach: English Suite #1 BWV 806, Prelude & Gigue in A Major [P.5-6 & 20-21, no repeat]
2. Bach: English Suite #2 BWV 807, Prelude in A Minor [P.22-29]
3. Bach: English Suite #3 BWV 808, Prelude in G Minor [P.40-45]
4. Bach: English Suite #4 BWV 809, Allemande & Gigue in F Major [P.64-65 & 70-71, no repeat]
5. Bach: English Suite #5 BWV 810, Gigue in E Minor [P.88-91, no repeat]
6. Bach: English Suite #6 BWV 811, Gigue in D Minor [P.112-115, no repeat]

6 Pre-selected BACH Partita - No Repeats
Book: BACH: Six Partitas, G. Henle #HN28, HL.51480028, Urtext UT50192 – No Repeats

1. Bach: Partita II BWV 826, Sinfonia in C Minor [P.14-19]
2. Bach: Partita II BWV 826, Rondeaux & Capriccio in C Minor [P.25-31]
3. Bach: Partita III BWV 827, Fantasia & Gigue in A Minor [P.32-34 & 48-51]
4. Bach: Partita V BWV 829, Praeambulum in G Major [P.74-77]
5. Bach: Partita VI BWV 830, Toccata in E Minor [P.90-97]
6. Bach: Partita VI BWV 830, Gigue in E Minor [P.110-113]