Rule 6: 2020 Official Accompanying Policies:

a. All contestants are assigned to an Official Staff Pianist by the Piano Accompanying Director. When entering an event that requires piano accompaniment, contestants may submit a request to pianostaff@usomc.org before December 1st, 2019 for a specific Official Staff Pianist. The Accompanying Director and his scheduling team will make every effort to assign contestants with their requested Official Staff Pianist, when possible. However, due to multiple competition events scheduled simultaneously, it is not guaranteed that all Official Staff Pianists may be available for every event. Once a contestant has been assigned to an Official Staff Pianist, no requests to change will be accepted. There is no exception to this rule.

b. The Piano Accompanying Registration Fee collected at the time of registration covers ONE rehearsal between the contestant and their assigned Official Staff Pianist (not to exceed an hour) plus the contestant’s competition audition.

c. All rehearsals will take place at the location provided by the Official Staff Pianists, unless they agree to use one provided by the contestant.

d. ALL First Place Winners will require the service of their Official Staff Pianist at the designated Prizewinners' Concerts. An additional fee of $70 must be paid directly by the prize winner to their Official Staff Pianist.

e. Contestants are welcome to request additional rehearsal(s) with their assigned Official Staff Pianist to be arranged and paid directly between them and their assigned Official Staff Pianist.

f. All contestants must have scheduled their one rehearsal and provided the correct music to their assigned Official Staff Pianist before Feb. 1st, 2020. The U.S.O.M.C. does not schedule any rehearsals between the contestants and their assigned Official Staff Pianist; it is solely the responsibility of the contestants. The piano parts provided by the contestant to their Official Staff Pianist must be the same edition (in legible quality) as the contestant's instrumental solo part.

g. Negligence or failure to comply with any of these Official Piano Accompanying Policies will result in forfeiture of the contestant's participation in the competition, without a refund.

h. All officially related correspondence/questions regarding U.S.O.M.C. Official Staff Pianists must be submitted to the Piano Accompanying Director at pianostaff@usomc.org. Do not send accompanying related emails to the general U.S.O.M.C. information account.