Rule 5: Time Limit for All Contestants:
During the Competition and Performance at the Prize Winners' Concerts
|Category| |Level| |Competition| |Winners Concerts|
All Treasury Intermediate 3 min
(2 through 8)Senior 4 min
Advanced 5 min
Open Duet Intermediate 3 min
(9 through 12)Senior 4 min
Advanced 5 min
Showcase Piano Solo Preparatory 4 min 2 min
Elementary 5 min 3 min
Junior 7 min 4 min
Intermediate 9 min 4 min
Senior 12 min 6 min

Advanced 12 min 6 min
Showcase Piano Duet / DuoElementary 5 min3 min
(cat. 13 - 14)Junior 7 min4 min
Intermediate9 min4 min
Senior 10 min6 min
Piano ConcertoJunior7 min5 min
Intermediate9 min6 min
Senior12 min7 min
Advanced12 min7 min
Complete25 min10 min
Instrumental SoloElementary5 min3 min
Junior7 min4 min
Intermediate9 min4 min
Senior12 min6 min
Advanced12 min6 min
Instrumental EnsembleIntermediate8 min5 min

Senior10 min7 min
<5a> Any Prize Winner who exceeds the time limit listed for the Prize Winners' Concerts (which is different from the actual competition) will be disqualified from winning the Outstanding Gold Medalists' Award at the Prize Winners' Concerts.
<5b> The USOMC committee has agreed to allow the contestants of (1) Showcase Piano Solo (2) Showcase Piano Duet/Duo (3) Piano Concerto, (4) Showcase Instrumental Solo and (5) Showcase Instrumental Ensemble to play music beyond the indicated time allowed for the actual Competition. To achieve the best results:
* the time for each piece must be accurately recorded by each contestant on his/her event registration, which enable the USOMC staffs to correctly estimate the length of the event - to give the judges enough time to hear the music; and
* if there is not enough time, the judges may want to cut some pieces short as they see fit, which will not reflect negatively on the contestants.